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The scores of all the stated works are currently available through this site. For costs please contact. If you are after a performing copy with parts these usually take a little longer to prepare unless already available. If it is a score without parts this can generally be shipped within a fortnight. Please don't hesitate to ask.   



Monographs and Articles

Both the monographs below are now available  as Kindle downloads direct from Amazon. There is now a third that deals with the subject of  Anglo-Saxon Music

"The Romantic Flute: Performer Composers 1820 - 1914, a brief overview"

£ 15.00 

"The Romantic Flute: Performer Composers 1820 - 1914, a brief overview".

An 18,000 word monograph about the flautist composers of the 19th century. This is an area of research little touched even by flautists and covers the likes of:

  • Friedrich Kuhlau
  • Joachim Andersen,
  • Jean-Louis Tulou
  • Ernesto Kohler
  • Cesare Ciardi
  • Adolf Terschak
  • Ferdinand Buchner
  • Willhelm Popp
  • Jules Demersseman
  • Rudolf Tillmetz

and a good many others. This deals with the phenomenon of the performer composer, goes through brief biographies and covers an important work in their output. It deals with why this period is now so neglected and tries to answer some of the questions raised.

This is aimed at interested amateurs through to University musicologists and has something for everyone who is even vaguely interested in the history of this most enduring of all instruments.


The price includes postage and packing in the UK and Ireland only, for other countries please contact for postal costs.   



Robert Volkmann: A Survey of his life and works

£ 15.00 

 Robert Volkmann: A Survey of his life and works

”Some continue to regard me as a forward looking musician while others want to see in me a member of the old guard. What do you think? All I know is that I want to be neither a progressive nor a conservative, but just myself”.  (Volkmann 1864)

Volkmann wrote these lines to his friend Edmund Singer in 1864. While the music of his contemporaries such as Wagner, Liszt and Brahms have remained known to concert audiences right up to the present day Volkmann’s output fell into almost total obscurity soon after his death in 1883. 120 plus years has had to go by before the music world has again been ready to grant a higher ranking to Volkmann’s exquisitely wrought music, and it is only recently that we have come to appreciate the great mastery, and to acknowledge his work as an important link between that of Schumann, and Volkmann’s great friend, Brahms. But who was Robert Volkmann, and what was his music like anyway? In this 77 page monograph a brief outline of Volkmann’s life times and some of his greatest works are explored in some depth for the first time in a study. It is the first time in nearly 100 years that anyone has attempted to give an overview of this wonderfully unique composers’ music.


"See Reason!"

£ 10.50 

"See Reason!"

This is a CD of Electronic works. They cover research on the second Symphony such as the "Crucifixus Byzantianum" cycle, the CD also contains the suite "The Anglo Saxon Trilogy".

Track listing:

  1. Crucifixus Byzantianum 1
  2. Ambient 1: Marakesh Moon
  3. Crucifixus Byzantianum 2
  4. The Saxon Trilogy: a)Faeder Ure, b)Wyrd of Grendel, c) Senlac Hill
  5. Crucifixus Byzantianum 3
  6. See Reason!
  7. Crucifixus Byzantianum 4

Price includes postage and packing worldwide


"Symphony No.2: Byzantium"" "

£ 10.50 

"Symphony No.2: Byzantium"

This work was three years in its research recording and creation. An epic almost as big as the Empire itself.

This is a five movement work lasting over 73 minutes:

  1. Across the Golden Horn (Romans and Religion)
  2. The city of Constantine
  3. The Walls of Constantinople
  4. Byzantine Light
  5. Akritika: Dreams of the Eastern Byzantine Border Guards

A limited run of 200. Once gone that is it.

"The Death of Angels: A Concerto for Violin and Orchestra"

£ 7.50 

"The Death of Angels: A Concerto for Violin and Orchestra"

Based on John Milton's epic poem "Paradise Lost"

Miekko Kanno and the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Grant Llewellyn. 2003.

Price includes postage and packing worldwide.

"End of the Circle"

£ 6.50 

"End Of The Circle"

A forty minute piano solo tour de force that is unrelenting. Performed by its dedicatee Gabriel Keen.

Price includes postage and packing worldwide.

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