Works List (sample) Not in any date order

C = Commissioned



800th Lifetime: A Sonata for Piano (Piano Sonata No.1)

Dark Star – Violin

Thowring – Harp

Seven Disparate Visions of Quetzalcoatl – Flute (extended techniques)     C

Transfigured Angel – Microtonal Trumpet

End of The Circle – Piano

Guitar Sonata – Guitar      C

Piano Sonata No.2: The Salzburg

Spirt De Los Toltecas - Solo Piano      C

In Memoriam PMD - Solo Piano      C

Two Pieces for Solo Guitar     C

Jackdaw: Interplays and Codas: A Fantasy for Solo Guitar   C

Six Not So Simple Pieces for Solo Guitar C



Winters Dying Sun – String Quartet

Giants, Gems and Jewels – Piano, French Horn and Mixed Ensemble

Litost – Piano Duo

The Stones Speak Czech – Soprano and microtonal Ensemble

Christmas Fanfare – 2 Trumpets and 2 Trombones    C

Prague Nights 2 – Cello and Piano

The Bloodied Moon – Soprano, Descant Recorder and Mixed Ensemble

The Fickle Virgin of Seventeen Summers: A Quartet for Strings

Ariel in Blue Metal – Violin and Viola.

Lovelight – Soprano and Flute

Hymns of Crow – Alto, Piano Trio     C

Wind Carvings – Wind Quintet

Shadow Chasers – Flute (doubling picc) and Bass Clarinet

Tsuname – Piano, Violin, Percussion (Japanese) and Shakuhachi

Kraabodhran – Unusual Mixed Ensemble

Hiraeth – Violin and Piano

Thowring 2; Echoes of Angels – Mixed Ensemble

Tsuname 2 – Mixed Western Ensemble

Cappadocia – 2 Classical Guitars      C

Cretan Dragonfly – Flute, Vibraphone and 12 solo Strings

White Flight – Mixed Ensemble

White Flight 2 – Mixed Ensemble

Byzantine Melody No.4 – Descant Recorder and Piano

Speaking In Tongues of Angels – Piano Trio

Reasons of Darkness, Excuses of Light – Turkish Baglama and Mixed Ensemble     C

Eardstapa - Baritone/Narrator, Anglo Saxon Lyre and Mixed Ensemble

Flute Sonata "Remember" - Flute and Piano     C

"Earth-Stepper Runes" - Clarinet, Cello and Piano      C

Sonata for Recorder Player and Piano "Earth-Stepper" - Family of Recorders and Piano     C

Spirt De Los Toltecas 2 - Flute and Piano       C

Introit - Recorder Quartet

Eostre's Baern - for Small Mixed Ensemble

Clun Valley Suite - Treble Recorder, Harpsichord and 8 Strings     C

Night Journey's Through Persian Dreamscapes - for Viola and Guitar    C 


Choral and Vocal (with and without accompaniment)

Lux Aeterna – Four Amplified Voices     

Benediction Lullaby – Female Voices (S,S,A,A)

Benediction Lullaby – Choir (S,S,A,A,T,T,B,B)

Engla Tocyme: An English Song Cycle on poems by Raymond Tong - Bass/Baritone and Pianoforte

Organ (solo and with instruments)

Quis Est Deus – Tenor and Organ      C

Tarn Rune - Solo Organ      C

Symphony No.4: "Night Will Fall" - Solo Organ      C

Punk-Tarius and the Strange Dance - Flute and Organ        C

Lacrimae Rerum - Recorder Player and Organ        C

Prelude No.1: Woden Hangs from the Great World Ash Yggdrasil - Solo Organ

Raven - Soprano Saxophone and Organ       C

Unfixed Lineup

Ozrica Opticali – Varied Ensemble (graphic score)

Ozrica Opticali II – Varied Ensemble (graphic score, different possible lineup)

The Snows of Tehran – Varied Ensemble (COMA ensembles)       C


Chamber Orchestra (and with soloists)

The Hound of Ulster – Schools Chamber Orchestra and solo Tin Whistle in D        C

Mexican Veils – Mezzo, Classical Guitar and Chamber Orchestra

In The Region Of The Summer Angels – Flute and Chamber Orchestra      C

Cretan Nights: A Concerto for Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra

Dark Thoughts on A Feeling: A Sinfonietta for String Orchestra

Thowring 3: Threnoidia – Chamber Orchestra


Orchestra (and with soloists)

Fractured Vistas – Orchestra

Fractured Vistas 2 – Orchestra

Ashes: After The Fracture: A Symphony For Large Orchestra (Symphony No.1)          C

The Death Of Angels: A Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

The Seventh Angel Sounded The Seventh Trumpet: A Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

A Time of Moments: A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Symphony No.3: Sinfonia - Orchestra

Vergeltung!: A Concert Overture (2009 incomplete, scrapped)

Sinfonia (for Recorder Orchestra)       C


Electronic (with soloists)

4S: Even In The Rain – Solo Clarinet and DAT Tape

Crucifixus Byzantianum  1-4 Cycle– CD        C

Anatolian Distortions – Amplified Flute with effects Pedals and CD        C

“So Ya Wanna Be A BIG Rock Star?” – Electric Guitar and CD

Symphony No.2: Byzantium – CD

Anglo Saxon Trilogy

Faeder Ure

Wyrd of Grendel

Senlac Hill

See Reason



All works are available from Jaguar Press or via the composer at the  contact Page

Please contact for prices and postage and packing on scores and parts.


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