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About Glover-Whitley

“like a thousand bolts of lightning in one blast”  Leeds Echo 1995

"Like being caressed by Sophia Loren while being dissembowled by Attilla The Hun" about Fractured Vistas 1, Libre, Mexico 1997

"I loved the fiery wildness and unkempt violence"  Michael Finnissy


" What a dramatic opening! This music is impressively rich - like the language!" Howard Skempton about "Faeder Ure"


By Andrew Glover-Whitley

"If it is worth saying then it is worth saying loudly so that people remember it."

about "Fractured Vistas" 1996


 "I have grown so used to being ignored in Britain, what do you expect from a country that is so into banalism, and is purely fad driven. Fickle or what! Thank goodness for the rest of the world. My music is enjoyed as far a field as Mexico and Israel and the Germanic speaking world and yet my face and music doesn't fit here and so I am ignored. Certain music publishers (Faber) control the new music scene way too much and say what does and doesn't go, and that is a case of 'The Kings New Clothes' in that rubbish is heard and said to be good when the good and well crafted is ignored so that these publishers can control the scene in their favour completely for their own financial gains." BBC Radio 3 2003

"I sometimes wonder what it would be like not to create anymore. Whether through choice or inability to write. This scares me, as failure is not an option, but free will is." Die Salzburger 2009


"I find most new music is just a sad reflection, and pale imitation, of the greats of 20th century music. These so called composers copy and scrounge sounds and concepts at will, like the thieves that they are, and then pass it off under the banner of their own and of some wonderful philosophical insight when in fact it is nothing but pseudo-babble and incoherent mumblings of a misunderstood idea by Cage or Stockhausen. They plagiarise and debauch at will and are then held up as wonderful seers of a new musical future. Total and utter rubbish, drivel of the highest and lowest forms. It has all been said before, and by a lot greater people." In an article on internet radio discussing "Post-Modernism in Music" 2014


"There are some so-called composers who are held up today as being the next great white hope of new music and are treated as wonderful and great when in fact they are overblown, bombastic and unskilled in the art of musical composition. They are loved by the establishment and as such are Establishment lacky's who make a living at it. A very good living in some cases, when the true artists are suffering and are ignored because we will not tow the establishments line of writing 'beautiful music', or we come from the wrong side of the musical bed."  In an article on internet radio "Is Music Dead?" 2016

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